The Route is a plug and play repower kit for medium duty fleet trucks that maximizes efficiency without compromising performance.

The Route Powertrain

The Route Truck

A Range-Extending Generator

  • Decoupled loads: generator works to charge batteries, while batteries provide power to turn the wheels.
  • Open generator architecture: the Wrightspeed Route ™ can use any number of on-board power generation options, including micro-turbines and piston engines.
  • No range anxiety! The Route ™, given refueling, has an unlimited range.

B High-Power Battery System

  • Exceptional regen capability: 400 hp
  • The high-power battery system provides peak power, allowing the generator to operate at its most efficient point.
  • PLUG IT IN, for up to 40 miles on grid energy.

C Extended Battery Life

  • Actively cooled for long battery life.
  • Software protected for long battery life.

D The Geared Traction Drive (GTD)

  • Integrates an electric motor, a two-speed gear box & an inverter
  • Two per driveaxle
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Direct traction control at drivewheels
  • 125-250 horsepower, continuous
  • 18,000 ft-lbs total axle torque
  • 75 mph max speed (limited)
  • 400 hp regen braking power, with slip limiting

E Fuel Tank

  • The Wrightspeed Route can be custom fitted to run diesel, gasoline, biofuels, CNG, or landfill gas at up to 7% sulfides.

Torque / Power for The Route


Max Continuous Power
125-250hp(software limited, fully configurable)

Max Wheel Torque
18,000 ft-lbs(for each drive axle, 9,000 ft-lbs/wheel)

Max Regenerative Power
400hp(0.3g braking below 42mph@ 12k lbs)

Fuel System Options
Liquid: diesel, biodiesel, Jet A
Gaseous: natural gas, propane, sour gas

CARB 2010 HDD, with no exhaust after-treatment

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