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Wrightspeed About Us

A Revolutionary Purpose

At Wrightspeed, we are designing the world’s most efficient range-extended electric vehicle powertrains for our growing roster of world-class customers. Built on a tradition of quality systems engineering, our powertrains represent a new era in vehicle propulsion, repowering a new generation of lighter, quieter and more efficient vehicle fleets for urban streets.

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De Havilland Comet 1

De Havilland Comet, the first commercial jet airliner

Starting With Turbine Jet Power

In 1945, piston engines powered all airplanes. Yet, in spite of near-universal use, pistons were hindered by complex mechanics that could not reliably power planes long distances. Too often, flights ran into mechanical errors and failed.

In response, the world’s first commercial jetliner safely flew across the Atlantic, powered by the next wave of transportation technology: turbines. Over the following decade a radical transformation unfolded as turbines replaced all piston engines for air travel. Turbines have provided a power to weight ratio that the industry needed and impulsion for modern aviation to takeoff.

Wrightspeed Fulcrum Turbine Generator

The Fulcrum, turbine generator

Taking a page from the aerospace industry, Wrightspeed has designed and manufactured a turbine generator for commercial trucks fleets, and for the first time successfully applied advanced aviation technology to vehicles.

Today, our flagship product line, the Route™, a range-extended electric (REV) powertrain, marks the next era of transportation innovation, utilizing our turbine generator, Fulcrum. Just as turbine engines displaced piston engines in airplanes in the 1950s, turbines are displacing conventional engines in REV applications, ranging from Class 8 Garbage trucks to public buses to drayage trucks.

Building on a tradition of engineering excellence, Wrightspeed’s turbines are creating the next-generation of commercial fleets—benchmarking a new efficiency and performance standard, while simultaneously providing unlimited range and dramatically reduced fuel costs.

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