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We do not make vehicles. We make vehicles go!

We focus on what we do best:

  1. Developing high-power, durable electric drive IP
  2. Developing advanced controls, to optimize system performance

We make complete replacement powertrains with the power and range for heavy duty local service, which includes delivery trucks, buses, and refuse trucks.

When we say “powertrain”, we mean all the parts needed to make a vehicle go.

No; we use electric drive to turn the wheels, but we also have an onboard generator that charges the batteries, as needed, on the road.

Our powertrains combine the efficiency of pure EVs, the range of a hybrid, and the awesome reliability and durability of turbo machinery. We use electric drive together with high power batteries and a turbine generator. The turbine acts as a micro power station that charges batteries, as needed, on the road.

  1. Complete Plug and Play Repower Kit:
    a. New back axle
    b. Redundant drives
    c. Battery pack
    d. BMS
    e. Thermal management system
    f. HVAC
    g. LCD instruments
    h. Parking pawl
    i. Electrical harnesses
    j. Mounts/brackets
    k. Hardware
  2. Uncompromised performance
  3. Given refueling, unlimited range: no need to plug in during routes
  4. Patented VDCS (Vehicle Dynamic Control System)
  5. Robust packaging
  6. Turbine generator
    a. Cleaner than an EV
    b. Multi-fuel (diesel, CNG, LNG, landfill gases)
    c. Extremely low maintenance
    d. Quiet
  7. CNG, LNG, diesel, landfill gases up to 7% sulfides
  8. 400 HP regenerative braking
  9. OEM braking system is left untouched
  10. Weight Class 3-6
  11. Available in AWD
  12. Available in class 7, with multiple powered axles (3+)

A turbine generator generates electricity, using a gas turbine to drive a high-speed alternator. Gas turbines are internal combustion engines that use compressors and turbine wheels (instead of pistons) to compress the air and extract the work from the hot gas after combustion. Turbines are used all the time to drive jets, helicopters, and ships. Turbine generators are widely used as auxiliary power units in aircraft and in stationary power stations. Turbines provide great reliability and durability as wells as high power-to-weight ratios.

  1. Lightweight, high power to weight ratio
  2. Cleaner than an EV
  3. Multi-fuel (Diesel, CNG, LNG, landfill gases)
  4. Extremely low maintenance
  5. One moving part
  6. Quieter than diesel
  7. Unlike in aero applications, recuperated to augment efficiency

Wrightspeed has been funded since 2010. It was founded in 2005.

Unfortunately, no. The X1 is one-of-a-kind and privately owned.

Commercial fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers.

We only sell to commercial fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers.

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