Designs, develops, and improves new or existing products and directs the building and testing of prototypes.  The Technician has internal contacts with engineering department personnel regarding ideas, drawings, and products, as well as external contacts with customers and vendors in the development of designs, to resolve problems and to provide prototypes.


1. Originates and/or develops designs for products relating to defined customer needs or as possible proprietary items.  This also may include the adaptation of existing designs to new-customer applications.  These designs may be in the form of freehand sketches or final detail drawings, depending on timing and available drafting time.

2. Plans and directs the construction of prototypes to meet customer and internal requirements.

3. Establishes test requirements if not previously specified by the customer, and develops and directs the testing of new-product prototypes to verify product reliability.


1. Assists the engineering department in regard to product redesign to resolve product or production difficulties.

2. Assists in the design and development of special testing machines.

3. Performs other duties when required or requested.


1. Must be familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes, materials selection, and product testing in addition to sketching, layout, and drafting work.

2. Three (3) years’ on-the-job experience as a technician.