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Dustin Wright

Dustin Wright

1. Name and role at Wrightspeed?

Dustin Wright, Senior Mechanical Engineer since October 2014.

2. What were you doing before joining Wrightspeed?

Before Wrightspeed, I worked at Advanced Green Innovations, where we sought to convert diesel trucks and buses into CNG-powered vehicles, and before that spent my entire career in automotive racing. I was an Indy Car Lite crew chief, and oversaw the vehicle set up for races, as well as the design. I got my start in this area with Formula SAE while in college, and still run my own race car design team. I studied to be a mechanical engineer with a focus on aerospace engineering.

3. What was your original role at Wrightspeed?
I was brought onto Wrightspeed as a mechanical engineer, and currently hold that role.

4. How has your role changed?

I was given the fantastic opportunity to volunteer for the turbine development project when I joined Wrightspeed, which has grown to include coordinating with world-class suppliers as well as my own CAD work. It’s grown my engineering skills in both breadth and depth.

5. What have you been able to put your hands on?

I work hands-on with every aspect of Wrightspeed’s turbine, including its integration into the rest of the vehicle. This means I get to design the components on the computer, and also physically build and test them.

6. What have you enjoyed most since joining Wrightspeed?

Wrightspeed’s work focuses on finding the simplest, most cost-effective solution to a complex engineering challenge. We are constantly asking ourselves, “How can we do this with half the parts, at half the cost, and still increase the performance?” That challenge gets me most excited, and since everyone on the team feels that way, we a great group of people to work with. Every day, I am surrounded by amazing individuals who keep raising the bar for what is possible in the industry.

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