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George Russell

George Russell

1. Name and role at Wrightspeed?

George Russell, Welder/Fabricator since November 2011.

2. What have you been able to put your hands on?

I have been able to work on the physical assembly of our trucks, most recently the refuse truck for The Ratto Group. I can take the designs from our structural engineers, and using my own welding skills, create the actual component. If I make a bracket, for instance, I can discuss the design with the engineers, and they might tell me ways to make it even stronger, or I might suggest a different way to make a joint that is easier to weld.

3. What have you enjoyed most since joining Wrightspeed?

At Wrightspeed, we’re taking raw materials, combined with our own skill, and making real technology. I liken the work we do to the pioneering work done by Edison in his laboratory; we’re venturing into previously unexplored areas, and are using our accumulated knowledge to produce better and better iterations. I enjoy applying my skills to create something new, and to see the technology applied in the real world. Seeing our first refuse truck in action, I’m excited to know that my hands were a part of building this technology that is helping make streets cleaner and quieter. I look forward to the day that while I am driving, I turn to see a truck retrofitted with our technology. I’ll know that Wrightspeed worked to make something revolutionary, and that I was able to put my hands on it.

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