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Wrightspeed and Ratto Group Clean Up the North Bay

Wrightspeed and The Ratto Group announce their partnership in converting North Bay garbage and recycling vehicles from clean diesel to electric drive. The partnership is announced three weeks after Wrightspeed publicized their heavy-duty electric driveline product, the route HD.

The route HD is a plug-in electric truck powertrain that uses an onboard turbine generator to charge the battery, as needed, on the road. It uses CNG, LNG, diesel, or landfill gases and burns cleaner per kilowatt-hour than the average mix of US electrical power plants, making it “cleaner than an EV.”

Surpassing California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) ever-tightening emissions standards by 1000%, Wrightspeed’s Powertrains are not only hyper-clean, they are commercially future-proof.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gases in our pursuit of an environmentally sustainable economy,” says Chief Operating Officer, Lou Ratto. “Wrightspeed’s very efficient and super clean powertrains are a great fit for our fleet.” The Ratto Group of Companies, based in Santa Rosa, provides refuse and recycling services to cities and unincorporated areas in Sonoma and Marin Counties.

Ian Wright, Wrightspeed’s founder and CEO, agrees, “The route HD was engineered for the refuse and recycling truck application, where it can reduce fuel spend by $35k per year and dramatically reduce noise pollution.”

“Wrightspeed and Ratto Group Clean Up the North Bay” on PRWeb

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