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Wrightspeed Delivers “Cleaner Than EV” Trucks to Fed Ex

MARCH 31, 2014

Wrightspeed, Inc. announced delivery of their turbine-electric product to their first customer, FedEx.

FedEx Express has taken delivery of Wrightspeed’s medium-duty product, the Route™. The Route is a “repower” powertrain kit, engineered for the delivery and service fleet markets. The Route replaces a truck’s diesel engine, transmission, and differential and provides impressive improvements in fuel economy and maintenance costs.

The Route uses electric drive, can be plugged in, and has no range limitations (given refueling). The Route™ turbine generator charges batteries, as needed, on the road and can run on liquid or gaseous fuel. FedEx is taking advantage of that flexibility with both diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) versions of Wrightspeed’s technology. Both versions are exceptionally clean and surpass California Air Resources Board’s ever-tightening emissions standards by one thousand percent (1000%).

“We tend to think of pure battery electric vehicles as the cleanest vehicle technology available, and that used to be true,” says marketing manager, Maya Giannini. “However, our onboard generator burns cleaner per kWh than the average mix of US electric power plants, making Wrightspeed’s products cleaner than an EV.”

“Wrightspeed Delivers “Cleaner Than EV” Trucks to Fed Ex” on PRWeb

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