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We deliver uncompromising power in heavy-duty frequent-stop drive cycles. We have designed our own motor, motor controller, clutchless transmission, and vehicle dynamics software, as well as our own multi-fuel turbine generator, the Wrightspeed Fulcrum™.  Our Wrightspeed GTD™ is an exceptionally high-power, compact, and lightweight drive system.

Together, the Wrightspeed Fulcrum™ and the Wrightspeed GTD™ reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and noise pollution. And, with fewer moving parts and drastically reduced brake wear, maintenance costs also go down. That’s why we were recognized by the World Economic Foundation as a 2016 Technology Pioneer.

Wrightspeed Motor Technology

GTD™ Power Unit

The familiar roar of a diesel engine accelerating from a stop becomes only a memory with a Wrightspeed powertrain. The GTD™ (Geared Traction Drive) delivers power to the wheels exclusively through a whisper-quiet electric motor – combustion power never drives the wheels.

Our sophisticated four-speed clutchless gearbox uses software controls in place of heavy and complex traditional transmission components, saving on weight while delivering an exceptional range of power and speed. The gearbox magnifies the already high torque of the electric motors for brisk starts, even on hills when fully loaded, and also allows efficient cruising speed for highway segments. Unlike some EV powertrains, the GTD™ delivers equal or greater power to the wheels as the diesel piston-engine systems it displaces.

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Wrightspeed Turbine Technology

Fulcrum™ Turbine

Turbines spin at very high RPM, which traditionally has meant they were unsuitable to power wheeled vehicles, even with a transmission. But our Fulcrum™ works only as an on-board generator, running at peak efficiency to charge the batteries. The job of driving the wheels is left to the electric motors (which are exceptionally good at it). The Fulcrum™ is designed to run on diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid propane (LPG), or sour gas (landfill gasses).

The Fulcrum™ only runs when needed, eliminating idle consumption. Even when running the system is quiet – comparable to a household vacuum cleaner. It’s possible with the integrated control system to keep the turbine off in high priority zones, if desired, although the Fulcrum™ surpasses current CARB emissions regulations without any after treatment. In fact, the Fulcrum™ generates fewer emissions per kWh than average for grid power in the USA.

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Wrightspeed Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics

In most cases fleet managers actually want less rapid acceleration than we could deliver, if asked. A certain amount of moderation improves operator comfort and control. We can configure the appropriate speed and acceleration to suit each particular application.

But that’s only the beginning. Our patented Vehicle Dynamics Control System (VDCS) controls each GTD™ separately, optimizing slip rate for ultimate traction on any surface, all the time. It’s a bit like combining AWD, ABS, and ESC into one synchronized system for braking, stability, acceleration, and handling. Finally, the power to do what you want.

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