Introducing the Wrightspeed
Route™ Powertrain

The Wrightspeed Route™ is a Range-extended Electric Vehicle (REV) replacement powertrain that can be customized to fit a variety of today’s heavy-duty truck platforms, replacing both the engine and the transmission.

Advantages of the Wrightspeed Route™ Powertrain

The Wrightspeed Route™ electric powertrain drives more low-end torque to the wheels than conventional diesel engines, with less fuel, less emissions, and less noise. Our on-board diesel- or CNG-powered range extender eliminates range anxiety.

The Wrightspeed Route™ offers the greatest benefits in frequent-stop heavy-duty applications, such as refuse trucks, delivery vehicles, or buses. Since traditional piston combustion engines are least efficient when starting and stopping, the Wrightspeed system can achieve improvements as great as:

  • Up to 60% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Up to $40,000 reduction in annual maintenance and fuel costs

Anticipated benefits will vary for each specific duty cycle. Contact us to learn more.

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Route™ Powertrain Packages

All of the Route™ powertrain configurations are built on the same modular platform utilizing the compact and lightweight Geared Traction Drive (GTD™), an on-board range-extending generator, scalable high-power battery packs, a plug-in charger, and our patented Vehicle Dynamics Control System (VDCS).

Route™ 500

Wrightspeed Bus With Border

Route™ 500

The Route™ 500 powers city buses, beverage trucks, or other heavy delivery trucks making frequent stops. Excellent hill-climbing ability distinguishes the Route™ 500, providing fuel efficiency without compromising on the job requirements.

Maximum GVWR: 33,000 lbs
Class 7
GTD™ Units: 2
Range Extender Generators: 1
Horsepower: 250 hp
Braking: 500 hp
Top Speed: 50 – 72 MPH (configurable)
Maximum Grade: 40% at max GVWR
Range: Unlimited (with refueling)
27 miles (pure EV)
Estimated MPGe:[1] 11.7
Fuel Consumption Reduced:[2] 75%

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Route™ 1000

Wrightspeed Garbage Truck With Border
Wrightspeed Truck With Border

Route™ 1000

The refuse truck application is one of the most demanding duty cycles due to frequent stop and start with heavy loads. The Route™ 1000 can handle it. Brake wear is virtually eliminated by a regenerative braking system optimized for high power, and the on-board turbine range extending generator runs quieter than a diesel engine, as well as much cleaner.

Maximum GVWR: 80,000 lbs
Class 8
GTD™ Units: 4
Range Extender Generators: 1
Horsepower: 400 hp
Braking: 1000 hp
Top Speed: 50 – 72 MPH (configurable)
Maximum Grade: 40% at max GVWR
Range: Unlimited (with refueling)
24 miles (pure EV)
Estimated MPGe:[1] 5.5
Fuel Consumption Reduced:[2] 54%

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[1]: Using Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE). See

[2]: Baseline for current technology based on MPGe from and typical annual mileage from