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World Economic Forum 2016 Technology Pioneer

A New Approach to Solving Heavy Duty Local Transport

Repowering The World's Largest Urban Fleets

Smarter, faster, cheaper.

The Route™:
Innovation By Design

Full Power at Peak Efficiency.

Making Jet Power Performance The Gold Standard

Meet Fulcrum: the microturbine,
10 times cleaner than a piston engine.

Solving Urban Commercial Vehicle Economics

One range extended electric powertrain at a time.

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Work just as hard using half the fuel.

Uncompromising Power

Wrightspeed powertrains conquer 40% grades fully loaded and run today’s routes with today’s fuel — only a lot less of it. Learn why the World Economic Forum recognized Wrightspeed as a 2016 Technology Pioneer, and how we cut costs and emissions while delivering just as much power and range as conventional diesel powertrains.

Up to 67%
Less Fuel Consumption

Up to 63%
Less Emissions

Up To $25K
Annual Maintenance Savings

Fleet Operators

Today’s commercial fleets are idling a lot of the time, burning fuel and money. Why? They’re asking the wrong question: how to make existing engine technology more efficient. At Wrightspeed, we’re asking the right question: how do we save the most fuel, per vehicle, per year? The answer, The Route™, ensures that whether a vehicle is idling, accelerating, decelerating or running full speed, it’s in the sweet spot, all the time.

What’s the right Route for you?

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