Do what works.
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Who We Are

At Wrightspeed, we’re passionate about designing and delivering products that work. We are an engineering company started by one of Tesla Motors’ co-founders. Here, enthusiasm is king and everyone has a voice. Our high-performance team hails from all over the globe and offers a diverse mix of skills and personalities. We have particular strengths in control systems, high-reliability software, and high-power analog electronics. We value hands-on experience, meaningful contribution, pragmatism and creativity. We’ve delivered outstanding results thus far and are always on the lookout for rock-stars who want to join us in our fast-paced environment. We are currently hiring for our operations in Alameda, California.

What We Do

Wrightspeed is a powertrain company; we do not manufacture vehicles. We like to make things go, and we like doing it well. Built on a tradition of quality systems engineering, Wrightspeed’s powertrains are the next step in the evolution of vehicle propulsion. Wrightspeed holds the IP for most of its powertrain components, including patent-pending controls, 200kW inverter, 41kg 250hp electric motor, two speed gear box with clutch-less shifting, battery pack, battery management system, and LCD user interface.

Open Positions:

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